Who We Are

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Welcome to Touring Logistics. We offer tour books/itineraries, show advancing, signage, and production management.

We are owned and operated by Eric Swartz in Des Moines, Iowa. Eric is an industry professional with over 10 years experience in the industry as a Production Manager. Along with the aforementioned experience comes a complete understanding of the process to achieve the ultimate Tour Book for your artist(s). Whether it is an arena tour with multiple traveling parties or a small club tour, I will take on your project with equal passion and enthusiasm to offer you a complete and polished project.

Your satisfaction is my priority and can be seen in my willingness to work well into the night and early morning to meet deadlines and schedules. One area where TL excels is working closely with the Tour Manager, Production Manager or other responsible tour representative until the work is complete. If  this happens to occur within the 24 hours in a day, then that is what it takes. No tour will be declined and all artists will feel as though their tour is the priority.  Tour Books are not a novelty in my eyes, but a necessary part in organizing the daily activities of a tour.  I strive to keep your tour book from becoming the “Book of Lies.”

What We Do

Tour Books

As we all know the information within the tour book is essential to inform all touring party’s of the day’s activities. Often referred to as the ‘Book of Lies’ in the industry, we make a point to include the most accurate information at the time of print to challenge that term in every way possible. In order to achieve the most accurate information to be inputted for your tour, there are several components that are to be included.

Items To Include

  • Tour Adamt/Art for cover
  • Date & Venue information
  • Personnel
  • Tour Related Offices/Vendors
  • Travel/Flight/Mileage Information
  • Set Times/Day Schedule
  • Press Schedule
  • Venue/Promoter/Production Manager Info
  • Currency/Embassy contact information

Included in your tour book will be appropriate map for country(s) of travel and helpful information page. If there are additional items you wish to be included, please inform us so we can execute these for you.